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On average, each congressman or woman represents 708,000 people.

At our ministry center on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., we are educating, encouraging and discipling government leaders, challenging them to live God's word, will, and ways.

Areas Of Impact

Discipling Government Leaders

We engage in a variety of impactful activities, fostering spiritual growth and meaningful connections within the political realm. Our initiatives encompass group Bible studies tailored for Senators and Congressmen, enlightening round-table discussions with Government officials and thought leaders, heartening discipleship dinners exclusively designed for congressional staffers, as well as fostering personal connections through one-on-one sessions for prayer, discipleship, and encouragement with Senators, Congressmen, and Staffers.


Discipling Pastors & Influencers

Leveraging Steve’s extensive 30+ years of ministry experience, we regularly convene with local pastors and influencers, nurturing a platform for counseling, unwavering support, and uplifting encouragement. Through these gatherings, we strive to empower and strengthen the community of faith, drawing upon Steve’s wealth of knowledge and insights to foster growth and unity among fellow leaders and influencers.



Collaborating closely with our international contacts, we undertake vital missions to save the lives of targeted and persecuted Christians worldwide. In early 2023, our efforts successfully resulted in the rescue of a family of 5, marking a significant milestone in our mission. Presently, we are actively engaged in another rescue operation with our trusted partners. Beyond the rescue missions, ASI is dedicated to supporting these brave refugees by addressing their needs, securing safe housing, and guiding them towards a new life of freedom and opportunity.



Steve and Sarah have cultivated meaningful relationships with Israeli officials, actively extending their encouragement and unwavering support to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and former and current leaders in Israel. These connections enable them to foster positive engagement, providing valuable reinforcement to the IDF and offering continuous encouragement to Israeli leaders, both past and present.


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